Whether you are looking for a new job, building leadership skills, re-evaluating your work/life balance, growing a  career in the arts, changing professions, or starting your own business, I offer a structured roadmap that is both strategic and tactical with emotional support to accelerate change. It is the integration of the services described below, rather than any one component that makes it effective. For more information, contact me. Strategic Career Coaching is available in person in New York City, or by telephone.

No Boiler Plates. No Cookie Cutter Templates. You will receive a tailored, integrated set of services selected from the following:

Strategic career planning and transition

  • Your Work, Your Life: A SERIOUS PLAY perspective
  • Career goal horizons: short and long term
  • Research and exploration: how-to
  • Job interview rehearsal: I’ll help you with resume and cover letter feedback
  • Entrepreneurship: what’s needed for self-employment business planning and marketing

Career assessment using empirically validated, professional tests for:

  • Vocational and career measures that map personality style/preferences to industry/job roles
  • Emotional intelligence assessment to assess readiness to change
  • Creative visualization of alternative career paths and transfer of skills
  • Entrepreneurship skill assessment
  • 360 degree leadership feedback

Communication skills

  • Social networking skills
  • Shyness: understanding and leveraging shyness as an advantage
  • Managing conflict better at home and at work
  • Leadership communication: transitioning from managing to leading

Counseling and Coaching

  • Ongoing individual sessions for personal and professional development
  • Stress management training
  • Talent management and creative development

Strategic Career Counseling is an investment worth making. For more information, contact me.

Biography: Adrienne Gans, Ph.D.

Dr. Gans is a licensed psychologist on the faculty of New York University’s Industrial-Organizational Psychology Masters program where she teaches Executive Coaching and Development, Assessment, Group Dynamics and Quality of Work Life. She has a clinical private practice as well as consults with organizations. She has worked with Scholastic, Inc., Penguin, Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo Bank, Cunningham Communications, Starlight Networks, and the NY Board of Trade. Previously, as marketing vice president and consultant to rapidly growing technology firms, Dr. Gans managed product campaigns, client satisfaction programs, and co-marketing alliances with corporations including IBM, Unisys, Kodak as well as client organizations including Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, Chase Manhattan Bank, NJ Department of Labor, Federal Express, and Consolidated Edison. Dr. Gans received a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley and has presented professional papers to the Institute for the Future, Global Business Network, Women in Technology International, the Association for Business Simulation and Learning, and the National Association of Women Business Owners. She is the developer of PlaySolving™, a creative process for executive development and strategic planning.

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