Bridging the gap between the executive-level strategic plan and downstream execution action is the key to successful change manangement. Required is proactive communication, culture realignment, and resilient leadership. A short-term and modest investment in your team and leaders will reduce expensive costs associated with lost productivity. I offer solutions to build leadership, team and human resource competencies. A program is designed after an initial assessment and may include:

Senior Management Planning Session

Assessment, goals, corporate communication planning. Attendees typically include management, corporate communications, and HR personnel. Deliverable: A documented communication plan with action items across business functions. Project management of roll-out available.

One-Day Team Re-Boot Workshop

For reconstituting teams following layoffs and reorganization. Morning is an interactive session to rebuild the team’s mission and individual member alignment. Afternoon is a project management and action planning session.

One-Day Training for Managers

To learn to manage organizational change as it impacts motivation and behavior. Morning includes management best-practices training. Afternoon is devoted to a facilitated problem solving workshop related to actual workplace problems.

Leadership Consultation and Coaching

Individualized programs to shift leadership style in responding to increased stress, ambiguity, and pressure to maintain high performance levels. Click here for more information.

Facilitated Project Management

Interim management to build team communication practices and facilitate conflict resolution in real-time. (This service offered standalone or as a follow-on to the Team Re-Boot Workshop).

Stress Management

Individual counseling or group workshops for stress management and transition planning.

Strategic Career Counseling is an investment worth making. For more information, contact me.

Biography: Adrienne Gans, Ph.D.

Dr. Gans is a licensed psychologist on the faculty of New York University’s Industrial-Organizational Psychology Masters program where she teaches Executive Coaching and Development, Assessment, Group Dynamics and Quality of Work Life. She has a clinical private practice as well as consults with organizations. She has worked with Scholastic, Inc., Penguin, Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo Bank, Cunningham Communications, Starlight Networks, and the NY Board of Trade. Previously, as marketing vice president and consultant to rapidly growing technology firms, Dr. Gans managed product campaigns, client satisfaction programs, and co-marketing alliances with corporations including IBM, Unisys, Kodak as well as client organizations including Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, Chase Manhattan Bank, NJ Department of Labor, Federal Express, and Consolidated Edison. Dr. Gans received a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley and has presented professional papers to the Institute for the Future, Global Business Network, Women in Technology International, the Association for Business Simulation and Learning, and the National Association of Women Business Owners. She is the developer of PlaySolving™, a creative process for executive development and strategic planning.


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