Prototyping & Play is Good for Business

December 27, 2009

Partnering with customers with opportunities to play with product prototypes lets business innovate quickly and test satisfaction before going to market. Read how Disney, 3M, Hershey, and Pitney Bowes are using innovation centers to do just this in this article in The New York Times.


2 Responses to “Prototyping & Play is Good for Business”

  1. Aneta Hall Says:

    thanks for mentioning Pitney Bowes. We are very excited about the Customer Innovation Center and the ability to collaborate with customers in ways that were not explored in the printing and mailing industry in the past.
    Thanks again.

    Aneta Hall
    Pitney Bowes

    • adriennegans Says:

      Thanks for commenting! Pitney Bowes is taking a very innovative approach. In a recent post on my blog,, I included a link to a video on the PB website where VP Jim Euchner discusses customer centered innovation initiatives. Happy New Year. Adrienne Gans

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