Organizations invest in Strategic Leadership Coaching to prepare high-potential leaders for advancement and to resolve the most common leadership challenges. Examples of how leaders accelerate their development and effectiveness include:

  • High Potential Leadership Development
    For managers to transition to leadership: to shift roles and build strategic thinking governance skill.
  • Improve Emotional Intelligence: Communication and Interpersonal Skill Development
    For managers who are high individual producers and have excellent specialized expertise but lack interpersonal competencies for optimal management.
  • Change Management through Better Stress Management
    To build resilience adapting to new roles, stress, and job demands characterized by organizational change.
  • Strategic Planning and Change
    To close the gap between the executive team’s strategic goals and operational execution and delivery.

How it works

Adrienne Gans offers an action-oriented, goals-specific behavior management program with metrics to track progress. All programs are customized. No Boiler Plates. No Cookie Cutter Templates. Leadership coaching is often combined with team-based change management consulting.

  • Assessment. Available tools: personality testing, interviews, facilitated focus/team group discussions, 360 assessments.
  • Plan Development. Defining behavioral performance benchmarks and goals through a combination of scenario planning and action learning tools.
  • Individual Coaching. Feedback, practicing new behaviors, gaining support through sessions to accelerate leadership change. Available through in-person sessions, telephone, and email.
  • Group Leadership Forum. An economical alternative or adjunct to individual coaching.
  • Evaluation. On going follow up and evaluation to ensure continuity and sustainable progress.

For more information, contact me.

Biography: Adrienne Gans, Ph.D.

Dr. Gans is a licensed psychologist on the faculty of New York University’s Industrial-Organizational Psychology Masters program where she teaches Executive Coaching and Development, Assessment, Group Dynamics and Quality of Work Life. She has a clinical private practice as well as consults with organizations. She has worked with Scholastic, Inc., Penguin, Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo Bank, Cunningham Communications, Starlight Networks, and the NY Board of Trade. Previously, as marketing vice president and consultant to rapidly growing technology firms, Dr. Gans managed product campaigns, client satisfaction programs, and co-marketing alliances with corporations including IBM, Unisys, Kodak as well as client organizations including Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, Chase Manhattan Bank, NJ Department of Labor, Federal Express, and Consolidated Edison. Dr. Gans received a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley and has presented professional papers to the Institute for the Future, Global Business Network, Women in Technology International, the Association for Business Simulation and Learning, and the National Association of Women Business Owners. She is the developer of PlaySolving™, a creative process for executive development and strategic planning.


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