Serious Play the blog weaves together threads from the worlds of art, culture, and psychology where play informs purpose, even on the most serious of subjects – and where collaborative conversations can happen.

Serious Play like a koan is a paradox requiring continual negotiation and reconciliation in life, two words together that keep me focused and at peace.

Serious Play as a brand informs my strategy, values, promise, and substance in working with clients and students.

Serious Play as a muse inspires my writing and photography.

Serious Play as a location is an interior landscape to stage Serious Play inside and out.

How do I seriously play?

  • I am a psychologist who works in organizations. Talent, creativity, innovation: Beyond the strategic plan, how does it cascade throughout a work culture? I help organizations “execute on innovation” by working with individuals and teams so ideas get into action, productivity increases, communication is engaged and effective, and cultures become resilient.
  • I teach at New York University in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology MA program. More about Prof. Gans at: #mce_temp_url#.
  • I believe in the school as a healing ecosystem: Pro-bono, I developed The Cultivate Your Gardens Program — a three year program which partnered traditional curriculum, community service, and school-based clinical intervention with at-risk teenagers at the school. Photojournalism as project-based learning was funded by Walgreens and B & H Photo and Video. The program was profiled in the San Francisco Chronicle:
  • I think play is good, not just for children but for adults and developed a process called PlaySolving for just that – to help people have fun while staging life scenarios using miniature props and storyboarding solutions. See #mce_temp_url# for some stories.

How do you seriously play? I’m interested in your comments. Seriously!


One Response to “About”

  1. John Betak Says:

    This is good, it captures you as I know you. Well written with good links to each facet of you.



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