In a world of change it is the flexibility, creativity, and emotional intelligence of people who will spin the wheel of evolution towards innovation and progress, often in discontinuous leaps. This is true for how we grow in our personal lives and in business. What tools can help? For individuals, therapy and coaching, regardless of philosophical approach relies on the language channel of verbal conversation. For business, simulation training tools are often based on well defined situations  and a verbal, deductive process. Sometimes a creative solution using a multichannel (verbal, visual, tactile) experience is what’s needed. Read: PlaySolving article Pictures: PlaySolvingPDF What people say about PlaySolving

PlaySolving(tm) is a method I developed in working with individuals and business for creativity, new insight, solution testing, and action planning. PlaySolving is a three-stage process in which: 1) scenarios or situations are portrayed using a hands-on environment consisting of real-world miniature objects and props; 2) a new solution or vision is constructed through progressive iterations in this environment; and 3) action planning is used to implement new insights and solutions. I’ve used PlaySolving:

  • With individuals and families in private coaching and counseling
  • In leadership development coaching
  • To inform new business strategy scenarios
  • In culture/team building following organizational change

I’m very interested in your thoughts and feedback. To learn more about how PlaySolving can be used in your organization or for personal development send me a personal message and I’ll contact you.


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