An Ecosystem for Schools to Harvest the Potential of Today’s Youth for Tomorrow’s World

Developed by Adrienne Gans and reported in the San Francisco Chronicle

It’s not a gardening program. Think of Candide’s resolution in Voltaire’s novel, still relevant today. In Cultivate Your Gardens: 1) academic projects; 2) no cost, on-site coaching by interns; and, 3)community service leadershipboost each other through their interaction, and form a model for continued learning throughout life. Building a Cultivate Your Gardens (CYG) program in a school leverages the individuality and passion of teachers and staff to tune the program to its local cultural niche and ensure its sustainability. It utilizes the best practices gained through research on community-based school programs, emotional intelligence, and project-based learning. Details below:

Details from this (PDF file) Excerpt from the E-Book by Adrienne Gans, Ph.D:

Read more:  Cultivate Your Gardens Overview


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