13 Reasons Why stirs up the compelling, infuriating dynamic of a chain letter raised to performance art in this teen suspense novel.  http://www.thirteenreasonswhy.com/book.php Published by Penguin/Razorbill http://www.razorbillbooks.com

Story Snapshot. Hannah Baker has committed suicide, but not before creating and boxing up a set of cassette tapes with instructions to 13 people to visit key places around town while listening to her tapes – and to then mail them to the next person on the list. Clay Jensen is one of the 13 receiving the tapes, one of the 13 reasons why. We hear the story through his narration punctuated by Hannah’s voice on tape but as-if from the grave. Haunting. Clay fears what he will hear but can’t not listen. We journey with him through the events that lead up to the death. He gains a major insight, the book transitions from mystery to parable, ending on an up note and lesson integrated. This is a teen novel about choosing life or death in these crazy times. Its popularity has gone viral with devoted readers and ecstatic blog posts. Why?  That’s one reason to read it and find out. Here are 9 more reasons for adults to read this book …

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